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Exhibition Investment: Planning For The Future

As a business, attending an exhibition can be beneficial for your brand, but also can be an expensive experience. Organising a stand space which will create an impact is important, so be careful not to cut corners when it comes to your design.

When we say plan for the future, we mean you should design your stand and space with care, whilst taking other events in to consideration. As we know, exhibiting is costly, but there are ways to turn your initial purchase into an investment that can see you though years to come.

Flexible Display Stands

A flexible display stand, like our Streamline system has been designed for every space, every size and every exhibitor. A printed panel, pole & base system showcases what it means to be fully functional and modular.

The printed media can be flexed and manipulated into different shapes to suit your stand. For example, an S shape, U shape, Zigzag or simply a straight line or backdrop.

In addition you have control over the width to ensure the stand will fit in to multiple stand spaces. By adding and removing graphic panels, you’ll be able to reduce and widen your display stand.

Finally, let’s not forget the printed panels. Over time you’ll have new products and a different event focus. Luckily, all that’s required is the reprint of graphic panels to refresh your stand. The Streamline display will see you through years or events with the ability to adapt along side your business.

Reusable Banner Stands

A roller banner is up there with one of the most popular exhibition accessories. From it’s simple design and the lightweight materials, it’s easy to see why.

With the traditional roller banner, you have 1 print that pulls up when in use. But for longevity and the ability to change your message, the option to change the print is appealing.

The Switch banner says exactly what it can do! Switch your custom banner designs for different events and use the same frame time and time again.