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An exotic coffee from this bar in Ghent

Throughout the years the coffee bar called WAY in Ghent has expanded thoroughly. These specialists in coffee, also known as We Are Young, have not only opened their own bar, but they also created a brand of their own coffee. Roasting and brewing these special beans into a delicious drink has become a real passion for them and they would love to share it with everyone. You can stop by their coffee bar in the center of Ghent to discover the sweetest flavours or shop online to get to know their entire range.

A taste of Brazil

One of the many types of coffee that you can buy at their online store is coffee for filter. This way of brewing includes pour over, Moccamaster and plunger. In case you need the specific filters for your machine, you are more than welcome at WAY. They have all different kind of filters. Is coffee for filter the type of drink you are looking for? Then the next choice is the country that the beans originate from. Besides the Ethiopian beans, you will also find a couple of Brazilian coffees. One of them is a Bota Fora – Yellow Bourbon. The beans were harvested on an altitude of 1100 to 1300 meters between April and September. Everyone who works at Fazenda Bota Fora has many years of experience. The owners of the land even go back four generations. You taste this experience with every sip you take. They pay a lot of attention to the cup quality, instead of the volume they produce. This makes for even better coffee for you to buy.

Order your coffee in a couple of clicks

Thanks to the easy webshop of this coffee bar in Ghent, it is easy to buy your favourite Brazilian coffee. You are just a couple of clicks away from ordering the best coffee that WAY has to offer. Make sure to place your order today! They have a quick service that will make sure that it arrives fast and safely at your home.